Use and Write based on Give me liberty(V1 Eric Foner) textbook, writing homework help

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MUST Use and Write based on Give me liberty(V1 Eric Foner) textbook and the links and videos I’ve provided as sources (Cannot use materials from outside source)


The institution of slavery varied widely in the new world and so did African and African American slave responses to it. I want you to make an argument for which colonial society — the Chesapeake Colonies, the Northern Colonies, the Carolinas, the Spanish Empire, or the West Indies — had the most brutal system and which had the least brutal system of slavery and why.

In your essay, please compare and contrast the institution of slavery in the two colonial societies you selected and include slave responses to the institution of slavery. Be certain to include at least one example of active resistance and one example of passive resistance taken from the primary source readings, author lectures, and documentaries we viewed.

What should you be including in your answers?

The essay question is designed to have you bring together material from the primary source readings and images we look at each week, the films clips, discussion boards, and the author lectures. The textbook is there to help you with the historical context you need to be able to analyze these sources. I expect that you will be using the primary source materials we’ve explored either as assigned reading for the week or on the discussion boards to draw examples from to make your argument.

Please do NOT use materials from outside this course. Do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT conduct independent research to answer the essay question. I will fail you if you use materials outside of this course and consider this cheating. This is NOT a research paper, this is an essay based on the materials you are supposed to have learned up to this point. I am incredibly familiar with all the materials I’ve provided in this course, so I immediately recognize content that I have not provided.

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