Women Studies

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Project Plan due in Writing Assignments discussion topic on Sunday, September 9 by 11:59pm ET (Week 3) (10 pts)

Two paragraphs:

    1. The first paragraph should name the subject you have chosen and explain why you believe she will make a good interview subject for a Women’s Studies Oral History. This paragraph should include some discussion of the Women’s Studies issues you plan to bring up in the interview.
    2. The second paragraph should describe your plan for conducting the interview, including the when/where/how of the process. Also explain what your backup plan is in the case that your original choice is unavailable or changes her mind. More details in the Writing Assignments discussion
  • Brief Summary of Interview and Course Materials due in Writing Assignments discussion topic on Sunday, September 30 by 11:59pm ET (Week 6) (20 pts)
    • Includes:
      1. A one-paragraph summary of your interview experience (8 points).
        • introduce your subject in a sentence or two
        • briefly discuss how the interview proceeded (you can expand this in your final essay; a couple of sentences are fine here)
        • briefly present the major Women’s Studies topics you covered (you do not have to list everything that will appear in the final paper)
      2. A list of the course materials (at least three items) you have identified which will provide supporting scholarly information for your discussion of the interview (4 points).
      3. Under each item in the list, a very brief summary of what you have found in that item that will be useful for your essay (6 points). These summaries do not have to be in complete sentences.
      4. Be sure to clearly identify each item by page number, section number, or reference to the lecture title (2 points). You will need this information to build your citations.
    • Final Report Due in Assignments Sunday, October 7 by 11:59pm ET (Week 7) (70 pts)
      • See below for details on the final report. Late reports are subject to a 10% reduction in grade for each day late, including weekends and holidays.

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