Write 2 Sociological Essays – Japanese Culture Inside/Out

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Please write two (2), three to four page papers—a total of six to eight pages double-spaced, addressing two (2) of the three (3) prompts below (our TA will not grade your work beyond four pages per prompt). Make sure to include a clear thesis, clear points supporting your arguments and a clear conclusion. Please include citations (any style), one-inch margins all around and a bibliography of works cited on an additional page; use eleven or twelve-point Times New Roman, Times, Calibri, Ariel or Cambria fonts (please choose just one).

Address two of three of the following questions:
1. Discuss the similarities and differences of policing in Japan and the United States. Focus your response on social history—the difference between honor-based and contract-based social systems. Also, discuss how honor-based criminal enterprises exist in both Japan and the United States. Finally, reflect on Yakuza as functional to socio-economic, socio-political, and more generally to social, relations in Japan.

2. How have Japanese martial arts been racialized, and in some cases genderized, by those in the West? Was this racialization consistent with Western conceptions of Japan as a member of the international community? In addressing this question, please note the adoption and adaption by Japan of Western military, political and social practices and structures, along with Japan’s aspirations of joining the international community as an imperial nation, at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20st centuries. Finally, does this inequality persist in “modern” times—think preferences in rules and outcomes in MMA?

3. While the roots of Zaibatsu can be found in the Tokugawa Era, their growth was a product of the Meiji Restoration. What happened during the Meiji Restoration to foster their form and growth? How did Zaibatsu contribute to Japan’s rise as a military and economic power? What lead to the reformation of Zaibatsu into Keiretsu? And finally, how did Keiretsu contribute to the Ushiwanareta Ni-junen?

* I’d attach all the readings and the lecture notes later on.



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