You are a security professional for Blue Stripe Tech, an IT services provider with approximately 400 employees


You are a security professional for Blue Stripe Tech, an IT services provider with approximately 400 employees. Blue Stripe Tech partners with industry leaders to provide storage, networking, virtualization, and cybersecurity to clients.

Blue Stripe Tech recently won a large DoD contract, which will add 30 percent to the revenue of the organization. It is a high-priority, high-visibility project. Blue Stripe Tech will be allowed to make its own budget, project timeline, and tollgate decisions.

As a security professional for Blue Stripe Tech, you are responsible for developing security policies for this project. These policies are required to meet DoD standards for delivery of IT technology services to the U.S. Air Force Cyber Security Center (AFCSC), a DoD agency.

To do this, you must develop DoD-approved policies, standards, and control descriptions for your IT infrastructure (see the “Tasks” section in this document). The policies you create must pass DoD-based requirements. Currently, your organization does not have any DoD contracts and thus has no DoD-compliant security policies, standards, or controls in place.

Blue Stripe Tech’s computing environment includes the following:

  • 12 servers running the latest edition of Microsoft Server, providing the following:
    • Active Directory (AD)
    • Domain Name System (DNS)
    • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) application (Oracle)
    • A research and development (R&D) engineering network segment for testing, separate from the production environment
    • Microsoft Exchange Server for email
    • Email filter
    • Cloud-based secure web gateway (web security, data loss protection, next-generation firewall, cloud application security, advanced threat protection)
  • Two Linux servers running Apache Server to host your website
  • 400 PCs/laptops running Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft 365 office applications, and other productivity tools

Question:  List required standards for common devices, categorized by IT domain.  (These are group suggestions for these devices:  Printers, portable storage devices, mobile platforms, bio metric devices)


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