Discussion Week 2 Understanding Learning

Discussion Week 2: Understanding Learning (20 points)

As your text suggest, if there is no transfer of knowledge, the training has failed. Therefore, it is good to know the different types of learning theories to get a sense of how adults learn to evaluate the employee’s change in behavior resulting from the training. Chapter three, in your textbook, discusses the various types of learning theories that relate to motivation, knowledge, skills and abilities, and a trainee’s environment. This week, I would like for you to explore more on how adults learn.

Discuss the following:

  • Suggest how training can be designed to motivate learning and accommodate trainee differences. Use an example to explain your response.
  • Then provide recommendations for how you can involve trainees in the process of learning. Provide specific examples for your response.

Here is a great video that further describes ways to motivate adult learners: lynda.com/Education-Elearnin..

project discussion 3 paragraphs

This paper will discuss a student’s experiences in two aspects: individual research and experience in team work.

A full paragraph should be dedicated to a description of the project; what did you learn; what you wish you knew before you started the project; what really surprised you.

(I have attached a file here which has a list of all the things this project required, Please look at that to get info for description of the project)

A second paragraph should involve a description of individual and group work; then an evaluation of that experience should be added.

(is it asking for my individual and group work? If it means my work than please let me know and I will give you the information on what I worked on individually and with the group. Thanks!)

A third paragraph will describe the group experience in details: the cons and pros working in a group and some of actions taken for overcoming any constrains there. Add any recommendations on how this project can be organized in a better way for future classes. (I didn’t have any major issues working with my teammates. Everyone were very friendly, we had good communication (it’s an online class so all communication was done via texting or email) and we always tried to get our work done ahead of time.)

3 paragraphs in total, no less than 400 words

umions and nlra rules

1. How did federal legislation support the establishment of unions and union rights? If such legislation had not been passed, do you think that labor organizations would have developed? Would they have succeeded in establishing themselves?

2. How have the NLRA rules about contact with employees failed to keep up with technology?

Utilize the course text, weekly lecture, and at least one other scholarly source. Remember to properly cite your sources.

operations management facility design 1

Each week, you will work on one aspect that will help you prepare for the course and reflect. Consider this Journal as study notes. This Journal will provide an opportunity to capture new ideas from knowledge gained and record your thoughts throughout the course. This will also give you an opportunity to record questions you may wish to research further in preparation for other assigned work. Please remember that copying and pasting your own notes without revising is a form of self-plagiarism.

Begin your post with the label: Unit 4: Facility Design

Research the following topics related to facility design:

  1. Capacity
  2. Economy of Scale
  3. Layout
  4. Cycle Time
  5. FMS

In a Word document, compose three paragraphs describing the topics: one paragraph per selected topic, based on your simulation activities, course material, and additional research you conduct online. Then, submit to the appropriate Journal Dropbox.

Need English Help with a metaphor or hyperbole

is this a metaphor or hyperbole: 

her hair was a mass of gray ringlets

discussion questions regarding energy

There is a two Discussion Board questions each question should be answered in requiring a 150-300 word response

Use a simple word and straightforward vocabulary since I am an international student

First question :

What changes would you have to make personally if the amount of energy that you use per year was mandated for a 25% reduction?

Second Question:

What is meant by “sustainable development”? Give some examples of development that might occur in industrialized and in developing countries that are not “sustainable”.

explain why e business scenarios are generally more complex than traditional business scenarios 1

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the role of e-Business in practical business applications
  • Identify techniques and tools that can be used to evaluate the driving forces of e-Business
  • Assess e-Business influence on businesses and how it provides a competitive advantage


Explain why e-Business scenarios are generally more complex than traditional business scenarios. Discuss the interrelationships of the relevant elements, such as business goals, organization of business, and use of information technology.


Response should be approximately 2-3 pages (not counting the cover page and references page), supported with credible references and corresponding in-text citations, all in APA format.

lab virtual

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minimum 1 page 1

For your Chapter 11 assignment, the chapter materials of concern effectively addressed by the discussion of these three questions:

1) What is the difference between a threatened species and an endangered species?

2) What is a marine mammal?

3) What theory is behind the assertion that humans either cause or contribute to global warming?

To what extent is there overlap between threatened & endangered species and marine mammals?

Answering in a single coherent response, to what extent is there overlap between threatened & endangered species and marine mammals and to what extent does human activity and global warming affect threatened & endangered species?

For this assignment, if you are able to answer these questions and their relationship to each other using only class and text materials, you may omit citations and references. APA formatting


Here is the book for this class, please use it as a source and try to use outside sources:

Schroeder, K. (2007) Environmental Law. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.