CT-1 Briefly state what the article said about alcohol.

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Students: Read completely the instructions given below on how to write your paper .


The paper you are about to write should be in response and reaction to the article on “Alcohol” provided to you by your professor (it also can be found in eCampus under this course and in the menu button which reads “ALCOHOL ARTICLE”). The paper is to be a minimum of 250 words. It is to be written in and submitted in eCampus (instructions on how to do that are at the very end of this information — so read those instructions on where to write your paper and how to submit it BEFORE you start to write).


The best and easiest way to write the paper is to read the article first and then answer each question in the series of questions related to the article on “Alcohol.” These questions are provided for you immediately below these instructions in the section entitled “QUESTIONS.” Answer the questions as well as you can based on your understanding, interpretation, and assessment of the article on “Alcohol.”


Each question has been given an alphanumeric code (for example: “CT-1”). After you read a question answer that question by placing question’s alphanumeric code at the beginning of your answer/response. Therefore, you would write your paper answering each of the sixteen (16) questions in order and in the following format.




(CT-1) I believe what the article on Alcohol said addresses various pieces of information about . . . .


(CT-2) In my opinion I believe the authors of the article were saying . . . . , etc.


The following are the sixteen (16) questions (with their alpha-numeric code) which you MUST answer. Please think about what the article on “Alcohol” said concerning each of these questions and then provide your answer based on what you learned, understand, interpret, and assess in reading the article.



Students: Write your paper by answering each question (including the alpha-numeric code) in the order they are given




CT-1 Briefly state what the article said about alcohol.


CT-2 In your opinion interpret what the authors of the article on alcohol were trying to say/communicate to the reader.


CT-3 Before reading the article on alcohol how would you have answered the question: “I used to think this about alcohol.”


CT-4 After reading the article on alcohol how would you now answer the question: “But now I think this about alcohol.”


CT-5 In your opinion what conclusions have you been able to draw after reading the article on alcohol regarding its use and abuse?


QL-1 In general what does the graph tell you about the various age groups and the use of alcohol?


QL-2 By looking at the graph briefly demonstrate through the use of equations what the alcohol use rate was in the preceding month for three age groups (for example according to the graph the alcohol use rate for the age group of 40-44 in the preceding month, when you express it as an equation, you would write: “The alcohol use rate for those in the 40-44 age group = 61%” ). State, using an equation as noted above, the use of alcohol in the previous month by the following age groups: 12-13; 21-25; and 65+ (you should have three equation statements — one for the age group 12-13, one for the age group 21-25, and one for the age group 65+).


QL-3 Using a statement including a reference to percentages , briefly describe what age group was the most likely to use alcohol in the previous month based on the data in the graph . .


QL-4 If you analyze the graph you would conclude that alcohol use after the age of 20-25 gradually does what?


QL-5 In the article the topic of alcohol abuse is addressed. Based on what the article says describe what you assume abusive drinkers will do about their drinking, if anything, in the future?


QL-6 Using data from the graph what is your conclusion about what happens to the use of alcohol once people pass the age of 21-25? Support your conclusions by briefly explaining what is happening to alcohol use as we age by citing the percentage (%) of use by various age groups over the age of 21-15.


VCI-1 When considering the “image” (located on page two) in the article please tell us what it is (for example is it a chart, bar graph, circular graph, pie chart, etc. ) and list its parts.


VCI-2 When considering the “image” (located on page two) in the article please identify the style used in the image (lines, colors, bars, age ranges, etc.) and explain how this helps one to understand what is being presented by using the “image.”


VCI-3 What do you think was the purpose for using the image (what was the reason the image was used — how did it help the article)?


VCI-4 How does the “context” of the graph (i.e., how the graph relates to the written portion of the article) influence and help the reader understand the material in the article


VCI-5 In general analyze and describe in words what the “image” (graph) in the article is telling reader about the use of alcohol.

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