English Literature Essay responses.

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Each response should be AT LEAST A PARAGRAPH.

Responses should be typed and edited.

Responses should address ALL components of the essay question/prompt.

Each response should be backed up with evidence/support from the stories/films in


Each response should reflect the individual and original work of the writer creating it.

There’re a few stories we should write about “Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, The Judgment by Franz Kafka, The Case of Fair Tale, The Maus”

Here I list some useful links

case of fairy tale http://midwayreview.uchicago.edu/a/9/2/qian/qian.p…

The Maus https://uniteyouthdublin.files.wordpress.com/2016/…

Frankenstein https://www.paps.net/cms/lib4/NJ01001771/Centricit…

The Judgment https://web.usd475.org/school/jchs/staff/artley/Si…

The questions we should get responses to are :

1. Dr. Frankenstein finds himself unable to “mother” the being he creates. Why does

Shelley characterize Victor in this way? What does this choice say about the role of

women during Shelley’s era? Discuss the significance of parent-child relationships and

birth references throughout the novel.

2. As we learned, fairy tale fathers fall into one of the following: 1) absent or dead 2)

subservient to an evil mother or stepmother 3) self-serving and malicious. Using one of

the fairy tales that we have read/watched this semester, explain how fathers operate in

fairy tales and what it means to the overall message of the story. (How does this connect

to the idea that we are not bound by our past or out origins, but can overcome even the

worst situations.)

3. Who or what, from the real world, is Kafka criticizing in “The Judgment”? His father?

Family values? Capitalism? Himself? It is some combination of things? Be sure to

explain your answer in detail.

4. Although there are many qualities about Vladek that are condemned in

Maus, the graphic novel is ultimately an empathetic telling of his life. Discuss.


The patriarchal society of Frankenstein is one in which men pursue their

goals against hopeless odds. In light of this work ethic, is Robert Walton a failure when

he turns his ship around at the end of the novel? How would Victor Frankenstein answer

this question? What would Mary Shelley say? What do you think?

The responses should be brief and should match the requirements.


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