Identifying Stakeholders for a New Community Initiative

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Identifying Stakeholders for a New Community Initiative

This is a 750–1000 word narrative in which you are to identify stakeholders in a community social problem with the community identified in the assignment in Unit 2, the community social problem identified in the discussion in Unit 5, and you as a human service leader from the organization in the assignment in Unit 4.

As a human services leader, you are being asked to lead a new initiative. The new initiative will be an interagency collaboration of a task force to address a current community social problem. While individuals will be filling positions to serve on the task force, first you need to identify the stakeholders who have a personal or professional interest in the social problem and how to address it. Utilizing your knowledge of your community context of practice (from the assignment in Unit 2), identify stakeholders and support your choices with literature and theory.


The Bowery Mission Organization

Taliegha Carter

Professor Andrea Muse



The Bowery Mission organization is one of the organizations founded to address homelessness poverty and provide humanitarian assistance to the displaced people in New York. The Bowery Mission is the earliest organization in New York, officially formed in 1879 by Rev Ruliffson. This organization was in financial problems after the death of its founder around 1895. Christian Herald took over the organization to revive it and prevent its fall. “The Bowery Mission has remained within ten blocks of its original location, demonstrating Christian Herald’s deep commitment to healing shattered lives in New York City” (Bowery Mission, n.d). Values of this Mission are founded under the pillars of Christian faith, as missionary work had started in the USA.

The Bowery Mission Organization is today acknowledged as New Yorks best performing non-governmental organization. As the Mission spread the gospel of Christianity, it has successfully initiated programs to eradicate poverty, despair, ignorance and transform the livers of the homeless in New York City by providing housing other social services. Bowery Missions main objective is to bestow humane care, protection, care and improved livelihood to the homeless people in New York. The core values that guide the Mission include; “honour God in everything you do, maintain integrity and excellence in programs and services, build relationships based on trust and respect, and practice responsible stewardship” (Bowery Mission, n.d). These values are why Bowery Mission has been accepted in the community and fits nicely among the community members. The people are given the power to choose the homes relevant to their necessities rendering a shift in their plight to social-economic stability. The Mission’s other outreach programs and services include guidance and counselling, medical assistance, technical/ vocational training, life skills, and spiritual guidance, among others. The Bowery Organization accepts clothes, food, medicine, and financial support. “Hygiene items (new, travel-size only): hand sanitiser, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, nail clippers, razors, baby/body wipes and feminine hygiene products (only in unopened, fully sealed outer packaging — individual pieces cannot be accepted)” (Bowery Mission, n.d). Laid down protocols have to be followed up, primarily due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The New York City community has always been part of the Bowery Mission decision-making process. The Mission recruits volunteers from the community who assist the organization in running its daily activities. The board members and the advisory council are part of the NYC community. Community members join the organization freely and voluntarily and can participate in the decision-making process. The Mission also depends on donations from partners and well-wishers to fund its humanitarian services. The preliminary information on the Bowery website is the Donate Menu, About Us, Get Involved, Get Help and the Home icon. Contact addresses and information on this mission’s developments, upcoming events, and achievements are also indicated on the organization’s website. The Bowery Mission has partnered with other organizations like the New York Hope in NYC to address homelessness and change the lives of the needy in the community. 


Bowery Mission. (n.d.). Programs for homeless men, homeless women and youth in New York City. Donate, Volunteer or Learn More to Help the Homeless & Hungry | The Bowery Mission.

Increase in poverty level

Student name

Professor name



Poverty is referred to the state of being unable to cater for basic personal needs. It can be measured as per individual or as a community. Poverty I brought about by factors such as lack of employment, poor salaries that are not enough to cater to all basic needs, political instability, famine, another natural disaster, and high cost of living. Over the last decade, the world has been experiencing a change in technology which has dramatically affected the cost of living. Thus one of the main problems facing our community is the increase in poverty level among the society.

The poverty level across New York was at 17.9 %, which was more than the national average threshold by 4 points (Bhat, 2022). This percentage has continued to increase across the last two years. One of the factors contributing to the increase in poverty level in the community is the lack of jobs. With the new technology, humans are being replaced by computerized machines in the job environment leading to an increase in unemployment levels across the community and the world. Due to the high demand for jobs but limited supply, the payments for the available jobs are relatively low compared to the cost of living. Therefore even the employed are facing challenges to provide for their families with their salaries.

In addition, the outbreak of COVID 19 in the year 2019 has also greatly affected the living standards of many peoples. Some individuals lost their job due to the outbreak subjecting them to struggling to cater to their basic needs. This has been evident with the increase in people seeking help. Organizations such as Bowery Mission are faced with an increase in the number of people in need due to poverty levels. Therefore I would argue the government intervene and offer assistance to such organizations to help in reducing the level of poverty within the community.


Bhat, S. (2022, January 3). Poverty: Trends to watch for the future of NYC. THE CITY.

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